Born into a family of artists (a former theater actor and a flamenco singer/dancer), Julio Moscoso (DJ Zulu) was always exposed to music in his hometown Barcelona. His father worked in the radio and the movie dubbing industry and had a little Studio at home: turntables, library records, magnetic tapes, vintage fx generators and mixers were always present. The first time that DJ Zulu played a record on a turntable is impossible to remember: he was born around it.

At the age of 15, he started his own vinyl collection. He then worked in anything so he could afford a pair of turntables, dj gear and of course buying vinyl records regularly. During the mid 90’s, it was hip-hop, acid-jazz and drum’n’bass in the beginning (while touring with local hip-hop crews as a turntablist). Later on he got deeper into rare groove, funk, jazz and disco after being mentored by one of the best DJ’s and record dealers of the scene in Spain. He got a phone call for his first residence by burning his mixtapes on CD and personally delivering them at every bar that could be interested in his unique blend of rare funk 45’s, hard soul, afrolatin sounds and obscure disco tracks.

At the age of 21, having built a very respectable record collection and being a record dealer for other DJ’s himself, Zulu started his own local parties, website/online record shop and promoted his sound as The Timeless Grooves. Soon he would start a journey as a music director and promoter of a private club in Barcelona (Timeless Club) while working as a sound technician, radio host and playing records all over his country, France and Italy as a guest DJ.

Around 2004, he already consolidated his style and DJ Zulu was already a relevant figure and in-demand DJ of the at the time called “deep funk” scene in Spain and the countries nearby.

Curious about his mother’s touring stories around the world (especially her 2 years performing in Japan during the 60’s), DJ Zulu traveled to Asia for the first time in 2006 with his Boxing coach and other students for 10 days of intensive thai Boxing training in Thailand and some record digging in dusty record stores of Bangkok during his free time. That trip led to the creation of The Secret Grooves mixtape series, highly acclaimed in the music connoisseurs circuit.

A girlfriend brought him to Taiwan a year later. He liked there and decided to stay studying chinese while working as a DJ, spanish teacher and martial arts coach. With an increasing interest in MMA competitions in the area, he was offered to fight professionaly against local champions 4 times, remaining unbeaten till today.

The meaning of his stage name, Zulu, simply comes from that combination of warrior/music arts, since the zulus were very brave warriors from Africa, and Zulu’s selections always keep reminiscences of that organic and percussive feeling, honoring the roots of dance music: the drum was the first musical instrument created by humans, where it’s said originated in such continent.

During his long 10 years in Asia, Zulu also played regularly as a guest DJ in Japan, Macau, and a 1-month tour in Vietnam. During that time he promoted his Timeless Grooves events together with the best local DJ’s and record diggers and he also became the half of the Soul, Sweat & Swank Show (SSS), the most successful funk parties for expats in Taipei from 2008 till today.

He decided moving to Shanghai in 2016 and he soon became resident DJ at Unico and during this year he played at many bars and clubs where there was a need for funky and soulful music with taste.

Some of the most relevant gigs from a long list of back-to-back and opening/closing sets in the recent years include DJ Vadim & Yarah Bravo, Joe Bataan, DJ Simbad (Brownswood Records, Havana Cultura), Thomas Dyani Akuru (percussionist for the band Incognito) and Osaka Monaurail.

At the moment, his near-future projects include the online and physical release of The Secret Grooves Vol.2 (after 3 years of research), an streaming radio show, working on a few music productions and remixes, while spreading his Timeless Grooves and SSS parties in Shanghai, Beijing and beyond.